Give the unique gift of 5 awesome tees for $85

This works a little different than the regular subscription. You can choose whatever scenario works best for you.

a) pick the first tee and we’ll ship directly to recipient

b) pick the first tee and we can ship it to you to give the gift

c) you let the oh so lucky person pick their first tee. we’ll send you a coupon and you can email or give it to them

After you pick your course of action we’ll do the rest. We’ll reach to the recipient and get them all signed up for the subscription. Then over the next year they'll have a chance to choose (and customize!) FOUR more shirts.

Here's how subscription works

  • We'll share the design with the subscriber about a month or so prior to printing

  • They'll have 3-4 colors and multiple shirt styles to choose from

  • The picks get send our way and we'll take it from there

  • If a choice isn't made within 2 weeks of the email then we’ll ship the standard version of the tee

  • If you they don’t care for the design they can pick any tee we have in stock and swap it out

  • As an added bonus they can buy any in-stock tee during the creative process and we'll ship it with their subscription tee - that's free shipping!

  • Unfortunately the subscription plan is only available in the U.S.  

get creative and your tee could be one of a kind!

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